Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My work at home experience (Part 1)

I join a work at home web site 
This is the site

I join them in 2011/08/22 they wanted a membership fee and i gave $34.00 i got a bonus of $10.
After 20 min they directed me to choose 4 data entry web site so i join 1 web site out of 4, all 4 are for free.
In 1st they needed to test my typing skill and keyword understanding, i did the test in 15min.

After 10 min later i read all the stuff in the web site, my gosh there are lots of E-books and many tips worth over $10,000 they are giving all of these for free,.

I took 5 to 10 min to download some free e-books about blogging guide.
I went to see the 2 real job they offer,   i needed a facebook and a paypal account to join it.

wow its a data entry job, there are 24 task to complete today and they will give me $17.75 (But i wonder how long will it take to complete the task and get paid)


Those who have no money or if you cant afford to buy the membership to $34.00 please contact me i will help you to take a free real membership (my web site is all about to help people) but those who can afford to pay $34.00 please buy it , i am risking my own membership too give free memberships to those who cant afford it or do not have a method to buy it.

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