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My work at home experience (Part 3)

Please Read "My work at home experience (Part 1)" and  "My work at home experience (Part 2)"

Get Paid To Take Surveys


It may sound too good to be true, but everyday, millions of people around the world get paid to give their opinions on various products. Individuals get paid in cash, prizes and merchandise by market research companies.

You already have an opinion about a lot of the products that you use in your everyday life. Maybe you love the convenience of your new razor or maybe you really hate that new TV show. You may tell a friend how bad a certain movie was and not to watch it. On the other hand, you can't stop recommending a great new wine that you tried at dinner. Everyday, it's easy to identify dozens and dozens of opinions and preferences you hold. Well, why not get paid for them! Yes, it's possible. Here is a little known fact: Corporate America is dying to know what you think about their products. Why? Because if they make a mistake and offer consumers a product or a service that people don't like, don't want, or won't pay money for, they could lose millions of dollars. So what's the solution? They spend money initially to test their products before releasing them to market. They get regular people like you and me to fill out surveys and answer questions about their new products.
Corporations spend millions of dollars every year to find out what people like and dislike about thousands of products. From movies to soft drinks to toys, you name it, if you see any product in a retail store, chances are the company that makes it has carried out market research first. These corporations pay market research companies to carry out the surveys for them. Users sign up to these market research companies and are paid to give their opinions. In our database we provide a listing with hundreds of these companies for you to sign up to.
These sites will pay you to give your opinion on several products. This may include online surveys, phone surveys, focus groups, chat sessions and more. Some sites will offer you the chance to win prizes and money just for joining. A few of the sites don't offer cash compensation but will send you surveys from their partners that do. Some opportunities may only be available regionally. It may take a short while to start receiving invitations, as a result of them updating their database. Also, keep in mind that many sites send you a confirmation e-mail once you join. You must check your e-mail and follow the instructions in order to begin participation. Also, some sites may require you to complete a "screener survey" once you join, just to create your profile. These are necessary so they know which opportunities you would be best matched with.

Getting Started

Step #1: Set Up a Dedicated Email Address

Once you get started and have registered with lots of companies, you will start getting A LOT of survey offers in your email and you definitely don't want to miss any of those. You also want to be able easily manage all of that incoming mail and separate it from your everyday mailbox. For this reason, we highly recommend setting up a separate email address to be used for everything related to your paid surveys. Be sure to check it often.
Your Internet Service Provider (AOL, Earthlink, Comcast, etc.) should be able to provide you with an additional email address - usually at no charge. You may also want to set-up a free email address at Yahoo which we recommend the most.

Step #2: Download RoboForm

One of the overwhelming parts about making money with all of these websites is the initial registration. There's no way around it - you have to register with the companies you're interested in. This process can be fairly time-consuming when you take into consideration the large number of sites we have listed. There is software, however, to make this process a lot easier.
It is called RoboForm. Roboform is a FREE software program that will significantly reduce the time it takes you to fill out forms, register with websites, and even fill out some other forms like surveys. It will remember all of the user names and passwords that you create. All of our members that are serious about making money and saving time use RoboForm. It makes things much easier, and it does so without installing any spyware on your system like Gator and some of the other programs. Just click the "Download Roboform" link below, then select "Save" to save the file to your desktop. Once you have downloaded the file just double-click it to install this great program.
Note: After using RoboForm for awhile you may be encouraged to upgrade to the "Pro" version which has a few extra features and costs about $30. This is NOT necessary. The free version has all of the features that you need for filling out forms. 

Step #3: Develop A Strategy

It would be nice if you could just sign up to 20 websites and start making good money, but this is not so. You will have to register with a good number of sites to really start making a nice recurring income. This will take a little patience and organization, but it will be well worth it when you see the end results.

Spend a couple of days just going through and signing up for as many websites as you can. Do a certain amount of sites whenever you have the time. Don't forget to keep track of the sites that you register with. Keep a list, or a spreadsheet if you can. This is also helpful when keeping track of the money and rewards that all of the companies send you. Now, time to start making some money!

Please Read "My work at home experience (Part 1)" and  "My work at home experience (Part 2)" how to join them.
I will put all the free and legit survey sites in my next article

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