Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blogging Makes Money

One day night, when i was trying to sleep I had some great ideas about blogging concept and article publishing sites concepts, I thought really deeper and deeper about this process and finally i ask from my self, Why cant "we" make money from blogging. When i am saying money not a small amount like $1000 per month but we can earn more than that from blogging.

Think about this deeper about these questions for a while;
  • How do article submitting sites like ( became one of the most popular article publishing site in the world ?
  • How do articles publishing site earn more than $100,000 per week from there ads ?
  • Why do people still want them?
  • How much writers can earn from these sites?
Answers are,
  • Writers earn only 10% from there valuable pure article they publish in these sites, All other 90% profit is to the article publishing web site.
  • Imagine that your article viewed by 1000 people, do you know how much you can earn from it. 1). If you put pay per impression banner ad in you article you can earn $2 to $5. 2). If you put pay per click ad in your article and guess that out of 1000, ten people click your ads then you earn $10 to $50 or more. This is the problem in article submitting web sites, they dont let you have these money.
But My plan is to give you the 100% freedom in your article and you can earn all of these.

How do I do this ?
  • I need atleast 10 member's team at first then i will expand the amount to 100 at once. 
  • We will work for a aim and plan, we will cross daily milestones for a legit journey for a online earning.
  • We will write articles about our best experience topics, we will write legitimate pure topics to our readers.
We will work hard for 2 or 3 months till we get atleast 1 million readers for our blog. 1 million daily readers can bring us over 1million ads revenue , thats truly legal .

THINK ABOUT THIS 1ST , HOW MANY MONTHS YOU ARE WASTING FOR A REAL ONLINE EARNING ? 2 or 3 may be 1 year. ( yes i have face this situation and i have waste over 1 year without zero income but i always kept one thing in my mind, that is not to waste a single cent or NOT TO GIVE UP MY HOPES.

How do this system work ?
It will be like this;
Lets say we have 10 members , Now i will let you 10 choose a topic what you like most in your life .
Example :-
  • I like to teach people about blogging so i will choose Internet & Tech topic.
  • I like flowers so much so i will choose Flowers & Gardens 
  • I like Cars so i will choose Tech & Auto Mobile
Just like that we will choose different type of topics, then I have a list of Targets for us, we will slowly finish those one by one and if we do so I WILL GUARANTEE THAT WE CAN MAKE MORE THAN $2000 PER MOTH FOR EACH OF US.

And Please contact me if you like to join this team for a legit online earning and please leave a comment if you have any problem regarding these. 

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    1. Ok, i need your details first bro, tell me what are the subjects you like most in the internet. And i saw your blog i think it should be ( right. Ok how ever i need to know your condition. I am only giving this chance to bloggers who have fail to earn from online, see my world rank, i have two blogs rank 800,000 and 900,000, we will be working with them so soon they will rank inbetween 1 to 10,000 so we really can earn more money.


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