Monday, August 22, 2011

Free Work at Home Sites

Free Work at Home Sites??? When ever you search for free work at homes sites there will be 100 and 1000 of web sites saying "Work at Home Jobs: Free legitimate Opportunities to work","Work at Home | Free work at home business opportunities".etc.

These are the topics you will find more in search engines, but there are various opportunities that are really let you make some money from the internet working from home.

I will tell you "What are the ways to make money" and "How to start making money" and "How to make money", all 3 together in this article.

These are the methods what I believe the most and so far i have made money from these methods plus i am keep making money from these methods up-to-date  from these easy methods.

First of all you must have 3 qualities if you are willing to fallow me or how to earn money from internet .
  1. Time
  2. Dedication 
  3. Never Give Up
Lets Start:

If you can write good and pure English you can make money from working at home.
If you are a creative minded person then you can make money from working at home.
If you fallow direction and for a targeted milestone then you can make money from working at home.
 So, now you got some ideas about yourself and working at home, Are you qualified to these then read the rest of my article.

There is only one legit way to start making money from the web site, That is to "Write,Write and Write"
I mean by writing not just write about blah!!! blah!!! but about pure useful information's about you or about some thing related to what you choose.
Choose something that you are attracted to most,
Choose something that you know most or
Choose something that you like most

First about writing, you need a mini web site or a blog like this.
So goto and make a blog, please see my article related to how to make a blog site which can earn money use this link to understand the step by step methods for a blogging guide.

Now i hope you read the things in the link i provided you, which means now you can understand the basics and the most reliable method to make money from working at home.

Now I will tell you a story about a Girl who succeeded the work at home earning and become a millionaire.

Once upon a time a lady name "????"(i cant mention the name) lived in united state of america and she was a girl of 21 years of age, Just like you she keep searching 100's of methods to earn a living from working at home. One day she read a very useful article named " Blogging make my Life Change". She keep read the story of a successful man who is 56 years of age. And after she finishing reading it she had some knowledge about how to blog.
And when time pass she make a project about "Full Blogging Concept" and she started her 1st blog using a nice name to it. And she kept writing 100 and 1000's of articles about her most favorite topic and after 3 months she had 2130 pure articles about various topics and they are soo cool and very nice to read.
In her 1st month there were only 1000 visitors who came to her blog site, in 2nd month she had 5000 visitors to her blog and in 3rd month she had over 1 million visitors to her month, in her 1st 3months she only made $5000 from her blog using advertisers like google adsense and clickbank, after 3 months she made $2000 per month, and she is now very happy because her time and effort made money to her, and after a year ago she made a BOOK its actually a E-Book name "Full Blogging Concept" , remember what is this full blogging concept , ya thats her project . She made a project into a e-book and she sold it in clickbank for $7.00 and after one year she made over $10,000 per month and now she is a millionaire and she still keep blogging and blogging, Now she is in her 37th's age.

I just let you know about this story to take some action and dedication to make your blog great and you will make money from the 1st month after all.

Note that it is better to know about some SEO matters, i will post a article about SEO later.
When i am writing this on 2011/08/22 i am also a student of 20 years of age, and my Justearn2day blog is 3 months older and my overall monthly visitors upto date was 5000+ and my blog world rank is 1,056,000 and my 3 months income can be calculated has $300+ this is a low amount yes, but i am a student and i dont have much time to write lots of good pure articles, you see i only have published 42 articles up-to-date but i had over 5000 visitors, i must mention that i dont have Google adsense advertisers so i cant make much money without google adsense but i am pretty sure that the best google alternative is BidVertisers that i am using as my advertiser up-to-date.

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