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Work at home is a hot trend in today's world but there are lots of scams people facing and neglecting the word WORK AT HOME and simply it becomes a dream for them. There are lots of real work at home jobs which help you to earn from online, but finding the correct one and the best methods are crucial. People if you are really looking to work at home there are some programs like surveys and data entering you should try BUT if you are looking for a work at home base business then it will be a another side which can make a huge profit.

When we are considering about work at home these things are the 1st to get into our mind.

1. Data Entry
2. Paid Surveys
3. Real Writing
4. Copy Pasting
5. Web site & Adsense
6. Affiliate Marketing
So i am asking what are the things are you going to test, When i mean "test" because that's what all the work from home newbies do at the beginning and get it wrong.
There are lots of ways to earn money from online,but i took forward these 6 methods.
From all of these 6 methods you can earn a decent income but you need to find the best and the top method and only should go from a one way. If you choose to take DATA ENTRY n find about it from these type of experience article posters reviews and also when considering finding the best and the top you should always see the product site Alexa rank so you can understand how many users use this and how much popular is it.
When considering the 5th one i mention about web site & ad sense, if are a newbie for web designing and HTML works i recommend to start with Blog spot as a beginner, blog spot means a site which allow you to make blogs, blogs are like mini sites. I start my online career from blog-spot and n own 23 blogs and 7 web sites including 1 popular game site and 1 work from home site which allow the users to discuss and help each other when considering what i have mention in 1,2,3,4, and 6.
Now the best part, it is the 6th Affiliate marketing.
About the marketing methods we should fallow. There are two methods to market, when i am talking about marketing it means targeted visitors to our promoting links or to our web. When considering promoting there are two methods, 1. Free method & 2. Paying method.
In free method there will be a hard time for us, but we can make it a profitable market after 2 or 3 months by working hard. But in paying method we can target a good profit from the begging but it depends on our strategies. For free marketers i have a tip, register with click bank then put minimum payout has $10 then choose the "real writing jobs" product to promote, try hard to sell 2 memberships then send a e-mail to real writing jobs support center with your Click bank ID and a PayPal account email, then withing 24hours you will get $50 to your PayPal account for free because they do it to you has a gratitude for becoming their affiliate. Now then in your click bank you had some where around $34 to $60 because you sold two memberships of real writing jobs now then you have earn a total of; lets say $50 in PayPal plus $44 in Click-bank then altogether you have found $94 from my tip. Now use that $94 to buy targeted visitors, Don't use Pay Per Click method which is used in ad word and ad sense because they are costly it will only bring you targeted visitors some where around 30 to 100 from your $94, But there is a site that allow targeted 10,000 visitors for $48.00 and 25,000 visitors for $98.00, they also give a free 100 visitors to begin with. To know about them visit to my site and click blog page, here is the site link Visit my site. And if you also need to work in one of those 6 work at home plans i mention above visit our site and join those and then from the beginning use our NEWLY MADE FORUM to get ideas and share your experience with others.

HERE ARE SOME RECOMMENDED WORK AT HOME PAYING SITES BUT NOTE  THESE SITES REQUEST A MEMBERSHIP FEE BUT THEY REALLY PAY WEEKLY FOR YOUR HARD WORK, Please note that is you are willing to buy all of them i suggest not to do so, because like i always say choose one path and go, If you are a blogger i recommend try 3rd banner where they pay for what you write.
If you are well aware of Pay Per Click and advertising market then try the 1st banner, and If you are a shopper and a home mom then i suggest you 2nd banner.

If i am a rich person i would open a work at home web site and i will give away free money to my web site people to join these web sites and ask my web site people to post there opinion has feedback about these web sites so that others can also trust these services.

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