Saturday, August 13, 2011

About Page Rank (PR) &Backlinks

Page Rank is the Key to more search engine visitors to your site or blog and Backlinks is the key to more age Rank .

What is Backlink's ?
Backlinks are one of the best ways to build site authority. Incoming links to a website imply trust from the site that is sending them. Search engines have made this one of the key methods to increase page rank and search engine trust. Things change frequently in the world of SEO, but backlinks remain very important.

How to get more Backlinks ?
 The simplest and the most recommended method is posting comments in other people's blogs and adding one or two of your web sites or blog sites URL links, but do not spam there comment page.

How to add URL Links to someones blog comment ?
<a href="http://YOUR WEB SITE URL HERE">A-Z Blogging Tips for a monthly income</a>

The more Backlinks you can get the more PageRank you get and the more pagerank you get means more search engine visibility and more search engine visibility means more visitors and more visitors means more income and more income means life is better.

Target on a curtain number of comment postings in some blogs one blog at a time , I am targeting 10 per day so it will make 100 per 10 days.

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  1. you have many articles in your blog,If I submit comments on all of your articles, Then I will get one backlink or more?

  2. Thanks Mr.Muhammad

    1 web site or 1 blog = 1 backlink
    which mean no matter how many links you make you only get one link from 1 blog or web site.
    But there is a one benefit you get from commenting in many articles that when ever someone see my article they see your comment so if they feels your comment is something to check so that they will click your link and come to your blog, so what that means , yup you get free visitors.


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