Sunday, August 7, 2011

Free Debit Cards to world wide users

What is debit cards ? Or How do you get a debit card ?

Debit card is look's like this one, From a Debit Card you can verify your PayPal account and can earn money from online, there is a free method, i mean totally free way to have a cash card Or pre paid card  or netspend card or money cards or atm card or a visa card or a master card  and you can freely build your online credit credit union .

Then Goto Review "My Account" There you will see a similar card in right bottom of the page click it then THATS ALL , YOU ONLY HAVE TO REGISTER WITH FOR A FREE PREPAID MASTERCARD NOTHING COST You TOTALLY FREE.

You have to fallow these step by step methods.

There are some other ways to get a similar Debit or prepaid card, In and in they issue the cards when ever you get paid for works done by you. In pilmus you can sell items and many things and they pay monthly to your card or paypal. In there are 100 and 1000 jobs to be filled daily, like blogging and etc, they also give the card after your income balance come to $30.

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You can use this card to verify your paypal or alertpay accounts
You can buy online
You can use this card at any ATM worldwide

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