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Blogging guide for a Earning (step by step) How to blog ?

1st :- Create a blog, if you are a newbie for online earning.

Method:- Go to and do what they say. Opening a blog is free.

Note that :-
  • Choose a good title to your blog.
  • Write a good description to your blog.
  •  Use a small name to the link. (Ex:-,,

Ok if you are done lets move to the next step.

2nd step :- Content (about what to post and what to not post)

Method :-
  • Create Genuine Topics like :- War, Stock, Anime, Jobs, Travel, Business or anything you feels your own.
  • Post atleast 10 topics.
  • Dont post buying stuff till your blog gets atleast 10,000 visitors per month after several months.
Step 3:- Design the blog for a better view.

Method :-
  • Put a facvion.(we create facvion html  codes for free, please post a comment by clicking  click here), what is a facvion ? facvion is a small image for recognizing your site. in this blog facvion is the blue star which is near the URL.
  • Use your design menu which is in the dashboard to put a "label" link in top right hand side, so that people can see whats in your blog. Then put the post popular post link in the design menu.
  • Put a job widget from Click here and send a email to them or you can visit here ( you can see this in my site its brown in color)
Step 4 :- Putting ADS which really pays you.

  • Choosing the best advertising company is a critical thing here. I will put some companies names, you choose 1 or 2 companies from them to use into your blog.  Or click what i recommending
Smowtion      and

After you register with them it will take some time to submit your site. After submit copy a banner script code from them and paste the script where you want to paste it.
Method to paste :-
  • Goto blog dashboard
  • Goto design 
  • Click add widget 
  • Choose HTML/JavaScript Add Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog.
    By Blogger
  • And copy paste the banner ad in the 2nd block, in 1st block write sponsors ads.
  • Now you can grab it and put to any where you want it to display.
Step 5 :- The most important part of your earning journey (The visitors)

Method :- I have a topic to get more visitors step by step guide get-more-visitors-step-by-step-guide.

The most important must do things

  • Submit your URL in search engines (SEO). So that people can search about your blog or site in the search engines. (I have made a post about how to submit your site for easy and free Click here to see )
  • Ping your site ( what is mean by ping : its like telling search engines that a site has been updated so please crawl it. ) If you didnt ping your site after you updated your site or blog it will take 1 or 3 months to get search engines to display your updated stuff. So if you ping it will only take 1hour to search engines to find your updated stuff. 
  • Submit in alexa ; so that you and people can see what is your site present world rankings. My site ranked 80,000,000 before 3 months ago today its ranked 2,000,000.
Hey i am updating this post on 2011/08/11, Today my site rank is 1,365,000

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