Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Make a payoneer card

How to make a payoneer card

Go to Payoneer
Click sign up and fill your info, and you will get a confirmation email then will ask a valid country id. Send your diving license scan copy and thats it you are approved.

What is payoneer 

Receive payments through any of

the following services:
Get paid with the US Payment Service A US account and routing number linked to your card will allow you to receive US ACH/Direct Deposit transfers from select US corporations, including PayPal, Amazon, Apple and more!

Receive payments from any of our partners Simply sign in to your online account with the partner and select Payoneer as your payment method.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

chinabuye.com is the worst shopping site ever

 Scam chinabuye.com

Dear buyers who are willing to buy from them take a look at the recent problem i facedue to their irresponsible duties.

1st i ordered items worth $160 in 1st of july and i continuously asked from chinabuy whether they has this or not, i questioned one by one for all the items. They said they have all those items which i needed at their stocks. So they also mention once the payment is made they will send the item in 2-3 business days.  So i paid them on july 2nd and i mention them so many times i need the products shipped fast, therefor i even choose DHL Currier service and paid some more extra dollars.

My point is, why do we(customer/buyer) go for DHL most expensive Currier service in the world. Its because we need the products to get to our hand so fast. This is why we choose a fast shipping method like dhl.

2nd , I question them many times but they replied me after 3 days, saying "we have packed your order and ready to ship", so which means it on 5th of july, but after that , when i asked for any updates they keep saying there is no stocks in some products i ordered, so why did they claim they have all the items in stocks even i mentioned them to check before i pay.

So after so many days, 10th of july they claim they shipped my package but they also mention DHL didnt gave any tracking and they usually take 3 days to send the trackings, i don't know if this is true, i have done so many orderes from many web sites and asked them to ship via dhl. They provided the tracking within 24hours without any delay so is this only for chinabuy that dhl took 3 days to send the tracking?

Now finally when i see DHL picked up the parcel on 13th july, they(chinabuy) says they havent send 3 items because they did not have the stocks... CAN YOU GUYS REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT SORT OF PROBLEM ARISES IN MY POINT.  1st they said they have all and took almost 11 days to ship plus after all happen they havent send the most important 2 items with that shipment and asking me to order a new items and they will send the missing items.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Funny baby boys

Mayawarunge Lokaya - Holy Pearl Theme Eng Sub

Mayawarunge Lokaya - Holy Pearl Theme Eng Sub

Synopsis: Jealous of her sister's popularity with the human they protect, Mo Yin, the human form of Goddess Tengshe, colluded with the Demon Lord Shi You Ming to kill her sister Xian Yue. The act upset the balance between the God/ Human/ Demon worlds giving demons an upper hand. Xian Yue reincarnated as Ding Yao and returned to restore order. With the help of Wen Tian, a human-dragon hybrid, she set on a mission to re-forge the anti-demon vase using the holy pearls that Goddess Nuwa left behind from creating the human world.

Chris Gayle 175 in 66 balls

Chris Gayle 175 in 66 balls

Watch the highlights of the full match where Gyale hit the fastest century in cricket history
Full Match Highlights from Match 31 of Pepsi IPL 2013 between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Pune Warriors played on Apr-23-2013 at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore, Bangalore

Released 08 Jan 09 Naruto Shippuuden Episode 91

Released 08 Jan 09 Naruto Shippuuden Episode 91


Click Here to download [HorribleSubs] Naruto Shippuuden 91 – 480p.mkv