Saturday, July 13, 2013 is the worst shopping site ever


Dear buyers who are willing to buy from them take a look at the recent problem i facedue to their irresponsible duties.

1st i ordered items worth $160 in 1st of july and i continuously asked from chinabuy whether they has this or not, i questioned one by one for all the items. They said they have all those items which i needed at their stocks. So they also mention once the payment is made they will send the item in 2-3 business days.  So i paid them on july 2nd and i mention them so many times i need the products shipped fast, therefor i even choose DHL Currier service and paid some more extra dollars.

My point is, why do we(customer/buyer) go for DHL most expensive Currier service in the world. Its because we need the products to get to our hand so fast. This is why we choose a fast shipping method like dhl.

2nd , I question them many times but they replied me after 3 days, saying "we have packed your order and ready to ship", so which means it on 5th of july, but after that , when i asked for any updates they keep saying there is no stocks in some products i ordered, so why did they claim they have all the items in stocks even i mentioned them to check before i pay.

So after so many days, 10th of july they claim they shipped my package but they also mention DHL didnt gave any tracking and they usually take 3 days to send the trackings, i don't know if this is true, i have done so many orderes from many web sites and asked them to ship via dhl. They provided the tracking within 24hours without any delay so is this only for chinabuy that dhl took 3 days to send the tracking?

Now finally when i see DHL picked up the parcel on 13th july, they(chinabuy) says they havent send 3 items because they did not have the stocks... CAN YOU GUYS REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT SORT OF PROBLEM ARISES IN MY POINT.  1st they said they have all and took almost 11 days to ship plus after all happen they havent send the most important 2 items with that shipment and asking me to order a new items and they will send the missing items.


  1. I ordered ordered some e-cigarettes and never received my order. They got my money and I got nothing. I contacted customer service. They have not responded to this day. I give this company a big thumbs down.

  2. Awful. Received defective product and they refuse to replace without further cost to me.

    China Buye = The worst costomer service I've ever had. I purchased a phone from them that arrived dead on arrival. Not working. They still will not replace it unless I send them more money.

    Here's my conversation with them over a months time. As you can see it's a total joke.

    Me: I received a defective phone. Does not work. Please send replacement. Thanks

    Staff : Sophie
    Dear friend, very sorry for this problem. Please kindly run out of the battery and then fully charge it about 12 hours. If it still doesn't work, could you please kindly send us an video for checking? You can send to my email: Please kindly mention your order number and main issues. For any inconvenience, please accept my sincere apologize. Best regards. Eileen
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    Hi, as requested I've included a link to a video showing the problem with the m1 phone I ordered. In the video I show my green m1 phone is working (I bought this one last year). The black m1 phone I purchase from chinabuye two weeks ago powers up but never connects to the sim network. I've tried multiple sim cards and searched for network but it never connects to network. As you can see the sim works in my green m1 phone but not the black m1 phone that I just purchased. Please advise. Thank you.

    Staff: Sophie
    Dear friend, could you please kindly try some more place? How about we replace you a new at 15USD? For any inconvenience, please accept my sincere apologize. best regards Eileen

    As you can see the black phone that I just purchase from you is defective. It does not detect sim network on ANY SIM CARD. I've tried three sim cards now and it does not register a network of any kind. I've spent a week now and it does not work and it has never worked. It is defective so I should not have to pay you any more money. Please send replacement. Please see attached images. Regards,

    See attachments

    Staf: Sophie
    Please confirm me you use 2G or 3G sim card? Sophie

    Hi Sophie, I use two different Sim Cards. Both are 3g I believe. Both sim cards work perfectly in the Green M1 Phone but both do NOT work in the Black M1 Phone at all.

    Staff: Sophie
    so sorry about this, could you try to repair it in your local city then we can give you some discount,ok? mini

    I don't understand. I purchase this phone from you and it's defective... I doesn't work... dead on arrival. Now you want me to pay more money to have it fixed? Repair costs will be more than what I paid for the phone.

    Staff : Sophie
    Okay, friend, how about we replace you a new and you may need to pay half price we can also provide you a tracking number. Hope it will be okay for you. Eileen
    Response Rating: 1

    I am happy to send the defective phone back to you but I won't pay for return shipping as it is a defective product you shipped to me in the first place. Apparently you're not willing to resolve this issue without further cost to me, the customer. Please just refund my purchase. Thank,

    Staff : Eileen
    Dear friend, could we resend you a new which you may need to pay 10USD? Or you can choose some item about 30 USD in this link: and you just need to pay 10USD. Any suggestion, please let me know. Eileen

  3. Only Scam

    I ordered the product. The thing is not working as it should. Customer Support explains that it is a cheap thing, and they are sorry. According to the theirs logic everything is correct.
    The worst experience ever!!!!

  4. Kęstutis JanulisJuly 13, 2013 at 11:23 PM


    Waiting about 100 days, paid for registration mail, but they send me in simple mail, still not get, so they ofered me 5 usd discount for other product. DONT buy from them they are scammers. Nepirkit nesiuncia ir praso pinigu uz neatsiustus daiktus, ir sakykit kad kiti nepirktu. DOnt buy

  5. Frauds - never got items - paid for dhl, keep wanting more money to repost items!

    I ordered $180 worth of goods on 9th September, paid for DHL. By the 27th they finally sent out my package - or so I thought. When I recieved it, only half of my package was in there, with the other half coming via HK Post because they "miscalculated" postage. Its now the 10th of December and the package hasn't even reached my country, nobody knows where it is. Paypal wont even let me open a dispute because its been more than 45 days since i've paid. I contacted HK post & they told me the sender refused to co-operate so they couldnt open an enquiry as to where the item is.
    I continually ask for a refund or for them to send my items again - any decent business would be MORE than happy to OFFER a refund or replacement. EVERYDAY I email this company and they NEVER have any answers other than "wait 1 more week" They offered me a 2% discount on my next order and said if I pay $55US they will post my items again. I have stated time and time again all I want is a refund to cover my unrecieved goods ($102) so I dont have to deal with them again and they REFUSE to provide me with a refund - instead keep offering me $20 gifts from their reward page. This company is THE WORST. I suggest NOBODY bother with them, their customer service is terrible, over 2 months + 100 messages later and they still fail to provide me with basic customer service - THEY sent my items via HK Post when I PAID FOR DHL WITH INSURANCE, THEY should be reimbursing me for the loss of my product - or at the very least - sending it out via DHL since it's what I paid for.

  6. 3 months for 1 package, given up hope

    Support is really fast, but they just keep saying wait 2 weeks, 1 week, 5 days. Tracking does not work.

  7. This web store cannot be trusted

    My first small order with was more or less ok, it arrived within a month. 3 months later, I placed the 2nd order with them. This one never arrived. The tracking number only shows it was accepted for mailing at some postal office in China, but nothing more. I cannot even be sure the tracking number they gave me was really for my order.

    All attempts to contact Chinabuye customer service were complete waste of time. First, they replied with general polite talk asking me to wait a little more, again and again. After two weeks of senseless correspondence they kind of stopped responding, hoping I would forget about them. Clearly, their goal was to sit through 45 days allowed for PayPal dispute to be opened. They took my money and did not care much about anything else.

    45 days have passed, but I tried to get some reply from them again and again, and the same game of empty promises renewed. Various excuses were brought one after another, including slow customs operations and even "18th national congress" to be held in Beijing (which is very far from the city where their office is located). Finally, three months after the order "was shipped", they put forward an idea of me buying more stuff from them so they would give me a "discount" as a compensation for the lost order - but only if I order something for $80 or more. All further emails to their support resulted in exactly the same mechanical reply: order for $80 more and we will gladly send you a replacement for the lost item. All this was accompanied with scoffing assurances like this:

    "Please believe that we're sincerely want this issue get good resolved,we're not asking you to pay 80USD more for the goods not received,instead,you will get the items value 80USD together with the not recieved ones.That's the best offer we have,we don't want to lose a good buyer such as your kind.Please have a good consideration"

    or like this:

    "We also don't want this unhappy issue happen,since it was,we hope both of us could be together to solve the issue,what do you think?Please have a good consideration on our proposal."

    Of course, I am not going to pay them a single dollar more.

    Now, I do not believe those detailed positive reviews about this site on the Internet. Only their own customer support people could write such reviews which look like shameless self-promotion, even wording itself. They do not hesitate to include numerous SKU numbers for specific items for sale at their site - real reviewers would never do that.

    Do not trust Do not trust their faked self-promoting reviews. Do not trust their customer service promises when they reply to you. Open PayPal dispute with them no later than in 30 days. Never order moderately expensive items from them. And better stay away from them at all.

  8. Mary Fivash-GahaganJuly 13, 2013 at 11:27 PM

    I cannot recommend this seller at all

    Myself, my sister, and my son all three placed our first orders with this company within a day or so of one another. All of us received those orders in a timely manner, (less than a month after placing the order), and were very happy with our merchandise. Because of this, we all three placed second orders.

    Approximately a month after our first orders, we all three separately placed our second orders. 25 days after placing my 2nd order, it was still stuck in "processing" status and Chinabuye could not, or would not provide me with a tracking number despite the fact that they claimed, repeatedly, that it had been shipped. I had to go through PayPal to receive a refund for that order. I am, perhaps foolishly, allowing Chinabuye one more chance to keep me as a customer and placed another order with them on 9/23/2012. We shall see how they handle that order.

    My sister has not yet received her second order despite the fact that the shipment supposedly arrived in the USA on 09/04/2012 and my son has not yet received his second order despite the fact that Chinabuye claims it arrived in the USA on 08/28/2012. Please note that the shipments are supposed to be routed through California and we all live in Texas - a distance we could DRIVE in 2 days time. Both my sister and my son have now opened PayPal disputes on their second orders.

    To be quite honest, I am not quite sure what to think of this company. A little voice in the back of my head tells me that Chinabuye intentionally"does good" with that first test order in hopes that you will return and order something more expensive so that they can then string you along long enough to make it too late to file a claim with PayPal for unshipped and never received merchandise. I do know that I will never, EVER again recommend them to anyone for anything.

  9. Presley J BennettJuly 13, 2013 at 11:29 PM

    NEVER Received my item

    I oredred a digital video camera on 2/23/12. The tracking site said that the item was delivered on 4/1/12. It never showed up at my door. I have tried to contact their customer service multiple times over the last week since the supposed delivery and have not received a response. THIS SITE IS A FRAUD!!!!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM!

  10. Customer DIS-Service

    Chinabuye had great prices and nice products. But they have the worst customer service in history. I ordered a phone from them on Dec 4th. I got the phone in good time, but the phone I got was in Russian and I needed English. So after weeks of trying to fix it, I had to send it back. I had to pay return shipping and it took four weeks for them to get it. It took another two weeks for them to "test" it. Since Dec 21st I have sent them 91 emails back and forth trying to resolve this. It is now Feb 21st exactly two months and I still do not have my "christmas present". I am just exchanging the phone for a different model but it seems they cannot just send me a new one, they have to waste a bunch of time and do nothing. I am hoping that I will get my Christmas present 3 or 4 months after the actual holiday and hoping that I do not have to return the phone again when I get my new one. Do not call their Customer Service because they can't speak English and they will hang up on you because they can't understand what your saying. Hands down, slowest, worst, most rediculous customer service I have ever dealt with. If you buy make sure you have the right language on your product, read all the specifications carefully to ensure it is exactly what you want and you shouldn't have any problems, but if you have to return it, you are screwed because you can count on waiting another six months for it to come back to you.

  11. Bad experience

    I chose "T01 Dual SIM Dual Standby Quad Band Android 2.2 GPS Capacitance Screen Smartphone" phone based on good reviews and advanced functions. Unfortunately I have received phone with wrongly functional screen. It does fit only at the top but the rest not. Randomly screen gets non-responsive or wrongly responsive. This makes the phone impossible to use. I have paid for most expensive delivery method to get phone fast and in good condition so don´t think that this problem happened during shipping. Seems that screen was wrongly fastened by manufacturer and this should be spotted before it was sent to me. Another thing is that if you write review on their site (and it's not positive) they do not publish it. Unrealiable seller.


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