Saturday, September 3, 2011

Usefulness of "Labels" Gadget for bloggers

First of all I will list the usefulness in this "Labels" Gadget.

  • As a Extended page list for bloggers. 

For Blogspot bloggers you only can have 10 page's but with "Labels" gadget you can have more than 100 pages.

  • To make Categories
Just like in Future Dream Ways blog you can have different type of categories.

  • Useful for the Related Post widget 
Just like in Future Dream Ways, "Related post widget" you need "Labels Gadget" to get the full success in related post widget.

How to add "Labels" Gadget to your blog ?

For Simplest Use

Go to Dashboard > Click Design > Click add a Gadget > A new window will open to 24 gadgets > find "Labels" Gadget it is the 19th Gadget from 24 gadgets in that page > Click add Label gadget > then just save it.

For the Advance use

You can use 3 or 4 or more labels, i am using 6 labels.
  • For the Title you can use any word which you like, i use "Blogging Category","Tech Category" or you can use some thing like "Content Categories" ETC.
  • For Show  you can use  , i am using selected labels because i am using 6 different Labels under 6 different topics.
  • Sorting <----- I am using By Frequency because by frequency mean more number of sub labels comes 1st.
  •  Display Cloud     <--------- I am using List , but cloud also looks great.

  • <<------------ put tick

After these changers you need to put labels to all of your articles then only it looks really like, please take a look at my sub labels for the articles, just like that you also need to put sub labels.

How to put sub labels ?

Go to Dashboard > Click Posting > Click Edit Posts > Now edit one by one postings done by you > You can see Label box in every article writing box. Its a small box above Publish post and above Post Options.

Ok Readers i have written A-Z about Labels Gadget so best of luck Bloggers.

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