Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Offer From FUTURE DREAM WAYS to Bloggers

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

I am a blogger who stand alone for 3 or 4 months but even if i tried hard i found that i cant go alone with these big online web site who invest millions and billions of dollars to there web sites to rank up and have big profits.

Without investing money like them it is impossible to move with these web sites but there are another methods that can tally with there movements without investing a penny.

I founded these methods 2 weeks ago, Team Building like a community.

I am offering new and present bloggers to join hands with FUTURE DREAM WAYS team and see the change you face from now onwards.
What are the usefulness of a team in this field ?

We will take the most important topic about backlinks, now take these examples for understanding about the team upping.

Without a team Backilings Building
Lets say you; going blog walking and promoting your blog and commenting about others blogs and making backlinks. Your target 10 backlinks and time pass you will misses some days to comment , you misses to blog walk but lets say you finally made 200 backlinks in your 1st month, but thats all.

With a team Backlink Building
Lets say you and me blog walking in different paths and i am targeting 10 blogs to put backlinks so do you. But you and me both not going to leave only our own links but we will leave our both blog links in those blogs. Lets say i visit a blog and i leaved a comment saying "wow you got some useful info about movies" and now i am saying these too " Visit these blogs for more info ------------------<----leaving our both blogs links". So now tell me how many Backlinks you and me made with joining hands in one day, yup 20 backlinks each. This is just a simple example only there are some huge plans that we can help each other.

I have some plans about building our FUTURE DREAM WAYS (FDW) Team or the Community.

  • Helping to build up backlinks for our FDW community bloggers without wasting a single penny.
  • Helping to build up traffic by joining community bloggers referral links of traffic sending web sites.
  • Improving one by one community blog ranks (now this is something no one could expect from any where, i am going to put a limit on the rankings, if your blog is below ranked 1,000,000 we all the community will bring your blog inside of 1st 900,000 in the world) which means when ever some one join our community we will help you to increase your blog rank by some powerful methods. 
  • Improving community knowledge by exchanging important and useful info. 
  •  Have you heard of Up comming Join Venture formation of Clickbank, now i am going to put it forward and help y'all to earn from clickbank.<----is now online
  • There are much more to come.

Please leave a comment and hang around with us for more details in near future. We are going to made the community very soon after we collect up to 20 members. We already got 5 members. 1st comes get the chance to come 1st in the rank upping system.

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