Thursday, September 29, 2011

how to earn money by doing paid surveys

Can you really make money from doing Paid surveys

The answer is yes for some people and no for other people.

First i will describe my answer "Yes"

There are thousands of companies willing to pay millions of dollars to people from western countries for there legitimate opinions and all.

So in 2004 these companies targeted the internet users to participate in there "Analysis of products" these analysis today known as Surveys or Opinion postings, so time past and like always there is a struggle for these companies to get internet users to participate in these analyzing programs so then comes the "Paid Surveys" web site where people need to pay a one time fee and participate for surveys run by these companies.

These companies pays $50 to $250 per 30min to 60 min survey done by you. (Normally these payments are only for USA & Canada Citizens). Take a visit to a Paying web site
So it is true that USA and Canda living people can earn $1000 to $2500 for working 2 to 5 hours a day from home.

Then i will describe my answer "No"

Like i mention above, lots of paid surveys companies let world wide users to participate in these surveys but the payments and surveys are not like in USA and Canada survey takers, so for other countries rather than Canada and USA, they pay somewhere around $15 to $75 per 30min to 60 min survey done by you. Also the number of surveys are smaller than Other western countries.
But you can always make $500 to $1500 for working 2 to 5 hours a day from home.

Tips to make money from Paid Surveys

  1. Join a Paid survey sites, some survey sites membership different from each other somewhere around $49 to $79, some survey sites provide bonuses because they are still new to this field A Brand New Survey Site Which Give bonus discounts
  2. You need to 1st read every single page in that web site, it will take time but it doesnt matter you can earn money faster than that of blind eyes. These will also ask you to register in some sites do it but always bookmark those, plus try to save the login details.
  3. Do not delay your surveys, when ever you got a survey please do it within the day so you will get many surveys in future.

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