Friday, September 2, 2011

Need More Twitter Fallowers For Free


Is a web site which is ranked 1,407 in the world.
In here you can get more than 100 Real followers per day or more but i only try to get 100 per day becuase my email filling with these followers names .

How do it work?

This act has a Exchange service
You fallow people and you earn SEEDS and now you assign those seeds and get followers back.

There are seeds from 1 to 7 so the 7 seed holder gets more followers 1st till he or she finished up there Earned Seeds .
Average seeds goes from 1 to 2 ( i also use 2 seeds and i have 2000 seeds in hand that means i can get 1000 fallowers)
If i assign 3 seeds per follower i can only have 666 followers because i had 2000 total seeds


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