Thursday, September 22, 2011

SEO in US & search engine optimization specialist for world wide users (free of charge)

Expert seo consultant

I am doing free search engine optimization to blogs. I am a specialist in SEO works, all of my web sites and blogs are ranked between 300,000 to 800,000 and also my keywords are ranked number 1,2 and 3 in search engines, So what else a webmaster or a site owner need rather than these.
There are lots of seo expert services but they need a heavy recurring charge, they charge you some where around $250 to $1200 per month and this is really a big amount for beginners in IM.There are also self studying of SEO services and methods for around $7 to $49 , all of these are E-Books written by great SEO specialist who have retired there online service. But all of you always need a mentor in any field but hiring consultant or paying monthly for SEO services is a waste if you can get same things from a team of specialize people.

Actually you will think what is the use for me or to my team giving y'all free consulting on SEO or doing SEO stuff on your web sites, really we are focusing to gain trust from y'all also we need to make friendships with online marketers because in 2013 our plan is to make a huge mentoring web site for online marketers so helping you and gaining experience plus helping you and getting testimonial is our main target for 2013 mentoring web site. A legit reliable mentoring web site is a must need thing in online these days, so just take our free services and see how you feel and see your success daily.

We can also find Keywords for free
We can also make blogs for free
We mentor CB newbies
We send 100 targeted visitors for every customer who take our free services

In lots of SEO companies they only say do this or that, they never say how this seo stuff works, but from my free service we will send you free e-books and free software's so you can self-study and know the basics of what you are really doing.  

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All these things are for free

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