Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Introduction to FDW CB Affiliate join venture

There are really 110,000 active affiliate from them only 100 of affiliates makes $10,000 per month to there bank and 1000 make $3000-$5000 to there bank from clickbank but all the others fails to do so.

The questions is why ?

Mainly because of the popularity of the clickbank products plus the question of legit and scam products within marketplace.

All the new affiliate don't have the right idea's what to choose to promote. And all the new affiliate dont have the ideas how to promote and how to promote them for low cost, or else for no cost at all.

But Today ClickBank release there clickbank join venture program for public, now is our chance to join hands with struggling clickbank marketers and make a community to help each other.

Thats what FDW community forum is for.
We are going to join hands with 10 affiliate 1st and then we will catch one by one members in to our clickbank join affiliate program.

What are the profits of joining Clickbank join venture affiliate program ?

Lets take some examples :

In a company if there is only one owner or one director there is a 99.99% chance that the decision taken for future work of the company get wrong and lost huge profit.

But, if there are 8 or 10 board of directors, there is always a 100% chance that the decision taken as a mixture of great knowledge and minds will get more profit and success to their company.
Also there will be more creative minds. And the profit will be shared among the directors but also there will be a huge profit when considering to one mans lonely works .

This whole concept can be taken into our community  . There will be more info to come...sometimes i will post those in our Forum.

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