Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why Say's: "Content Is Key to traffic"

Hidden Factors for traffic building

Lets see taking my blog as a example;
I wrote some great articles plus some lazy articles, and some are really useful to my readers but some are not. But time passed and now i have published 110 articles.

It's really a blessing that i know about SEO stuff so with 110 articles i got really great traffic, but what about y'all my fellow bloggers ? How is it with you ? do your blog get enough traffic ?

Why content is so important to bloggers

Because as a example i normally gets around 1 search engine visitor per one article of mine, so i got 110 articles so approximately i am getting around 100 to 150 search engine visitors daily. This is why content is said to be so much important.

Content quality that matter more

No matter how much articles you post if those articles doesn't posses these simple methods.
  • A good Keyword that people search for. - Which mean , if you think to write an article about a product you recently review then you must think in the angle of a searcher or a customer thinks. Like if it is about a paid survey site then the searcher will search about "work at home best methods" or "Is survey paid sites really woks". These are some examples i am taking for you to understand well through out this article.
  • After you found a keyword then you need to Put that key word in you article title, also if you are writing about 500 words in the whole article; out of 500 words 10 to 20 words must be touching the chosen keyword by you.<----(SEO tip ; this is known as keyword density, always remember you must keep a keyword density of 3% to 6% to profit the SEO rankings)
  • Then the Target, what actually you need to give to the reader . - You must keep the article as short as you could with some useful and up to targeted info only. Always divide the sentences and bold the sub titles so that according to our researchers out of 100 readers 75 people only have a look into your article from above so if they find out some key things in your sub titles then they will read whole article plus they will visit you site again and again.

How can you write great articles with Build in SEO ?
How can you get ideas for writing Articles ?
What are the topics that you want to blog ?
How to do Money blogging ?
The Answer to these will be in my next article where your life will change, so keep an eye or bookmark my blog.

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