Monday, October 3, 2011

What is blog ? and What are blogs ?

Actually what is a blog?

A blog is a source of information to the Readers. Actually it's like a news paper for some people and its a journalist for others.

A real blog is something that provide an important info that readers cant find from any other places.

In these days lots of bloggers fails to accomplish there blogging curiosities, because they don't have the correct understanding and a target.

Fellow blogger; You need to have a target about your blog. Ask yourself "what is a blog which make readers attract to it".

Blogging Tips.
     Keep a target like this
    How many postings do i make before considering about traffic ? Usually you will need to post over 100 articles before considering about any search engine traffic which really benefits you. Normally when the time pass, it doesnt matter whether you have less than 100 post; visitors will come to your blog but think about this " Will they come back seen only small amount of articles ?"Some times they read all those articles at once and after finishing those they will forget your blog.

    Provide Quality and Genuine information

    Always provide information's with targeted to your article title.

    Coming soon :
    How can you write great articles with Build in SEO ?
    How can you get ideas for writing Articles ?
    What are the topics that you want to blog ?
    How to do Money blogging ?

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