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How to write a article ?

How to write

Writing a Quality article takes time and patience with effort. I also had no idea what to write or how to write a good article that actually readers will fall in love with those. But I found a Book in my college library "501 ways to write a effective article" and i read all of those amazing concepts and gain much knowledge than before.

Actually there are 3 steps to fallow;

1st find a Title to write about with rich in search engine searchers, if we take the title "How to write" as a example then this words got a global monthly search of 24,900,000 < --- this is really a  huge number of searchers.

Next take a empty paper and go to a calm place and start questioning yourself about How to write find 5 - 10 questions from this word, as a example "where can i find good tips to find articles","Can i write and earn money","Article writing tips","how can i write a good article","How to get ideas to write a good article" just like this write any idea you get about how to write a article in your empty paper then start giving answers to those questions by yourself.

Then after you finish finding sub titles, start finding information's and then write a good article in a empty paper and read it well, go to Microsoft office in your computer then again write this in "Microsoft word" to check all the grammar and spelling mistakes, so you will have a very nice article ready for your readers which they will read often and also search engine searchers will attract to your article or blog post leaving you a great income opportunity. You can also write article for this site where they pay $55/article <--- Provide your feedback if you ever join or have any experience with this site, so that it will be a great help to others. Leave a comment readers.To join this site you will need to pay a membership fee, but you can earn it in one post.

More useful info i found from researching web.

Why and How To Write Short Web Articles

"Can you read, write & type?
Good! Because you can make decent money by just writing a few short articles a day or week!
Sounds great! Here is how it works!
But before the HOW, please allow me to explain WHY you should!
Because you already are...
You presently spend quite an amount of time - daily, weekly & monthly - on the web. Since you are reading this on EzineArticles, I am assuming you do.
And you already do quite a bit of writing online as well. Oh yes, you do.
Think for a moment. You already write updates, posts, comments, notes on Facebook & on your other various social media & networking sites. And then, there is the writing bit on your phone.
Yeah? With the same ease and within minutes, now you just write a few online articles on some topics, submit them and hey, begin receiving cheques!
The way to do it...
Now, let's get to how it works!
Well, we already know what Search Engines are - Google for example. When people search for something, they type in what is called Keywords. It is whatever we type in Google, and based on those words Google will show you its search results.
Now, keeping this thing in mind, what you need to do is write web articles which are 'Keyword Rich' so that when people type in these keywords, search engines will show them YOUR articles with these keywords.
And when people click or buy something, say, a product you are reviewing... you make money. Quite neat, isn't it?
This is something called SEO writing where SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In order words, the articles that you write are optimized for better search results. So that people can find them easily.
However, this is just a cursory glance at how you can make money by writing online. But the key concepts - Keywords & SEO Writing - behind it are the same.
And now, here's the trick, you don't have to go hunting for topics actually. Or create your own blogs. There already are many who are hunting for SEO writers. What's more, they give you the topic and the keywords, and you just have to add your magic, weave them and turn them into a short, sweet & crisp web article.
There are many free resources on the web that will teach you all about SEO writing. Once you get a fair idea & have done some amount of practicing, you may now want to look for clients who would offer you writing assignments.
To start with, you can join various freelance writing sites where you can find writing projects or join sites that pay you upfront for articles you write. Between the two go for the latter. On many freelancing sites you will have to bid and often the lowest bidder gets the job. While you may get work, you may not be making much money.
However, the best strategy is to look for private clients who would offer you a constant stream of work. And a great place to start is classified sites like Craigslist etc. where can you directly contact clients who are looking for writers and take up assignments. And once you have a client or two, you are in business.
To conclude...
As you can see, if you know how to do it, it is quite a simple & easy way to increase your income.
And the great part is you can do this all from the comfort of your home! Plus you can do it anytime you want, wherever you want. All you need is an internet connection and the commitment to stick to it." Written by :Wilson Modi

Writing An Article - 3 Tips To Keep Going

"If you or someone you know is trying to continually make money online through affiliate marketing, or even article marketing, it's important to never stop throwing sentence together. Much like a journey takes one single step to start, writing an article takes one sentence, one word, and an idea to begin. If you're not sure how to move forward, or are tired of seeing no results, it's important not to let it stop you from progressing with your craftsmanship. Consider the following tips to keep yourself in the game, even when you're tired.
  1. Read Bad Writing - This might not seem like a great thing, but you should consider reading bad writing for a change. Well, within reason, don't read something a child writes, as they aren't quite sophisticated to create truly technical writing that can be critiqued as bad. Read things that are not on topic with what you're doing. For instance, read an action sports magazine like skateboarding, surfing or even snowboarding. The types of magazines that feature action sports aren't written with high caliber vocabulary and paint pictures with.... pictures.
  2. Read Bad Blogs - Go to the Internet and search anything you'd like, then add the world blog to your search. You'll find millions of websites with terrible content, and lackluster display. Use that to inspire you, because you know that you can probably come up with something better and more enlightening.
  3. Never Stop Writing - If you're serious about becoming a professional online, write like there is nothing else to do in the world. People that make it in affiliate marketing; know that writing an article is something that is done daily, no matter what. If you start doing 1 piece a day, you'll have 365 pieces to upload to a site. Now if you did 2, or 3 a day, in less than 1 year's time you'll have so much content, you'll rival ay competitor hands down.
Writing an article is easy, but doing that over and over again to generate traffic and interest in all your work is hard. If you're not keen on writing, then purchase a service to help you and make sure you never stop. The moment you stop trying, is the moment your competitors come in and take over all your niches. Select a niche that isn't going to bore you, and go through the motions to become the best at what you do, even if you're in a small sector the Internet. Sometimes it's the small genres that make the most money." Writer :Miranda Hewitt

"How To Create Good Keyword Content That Will Maximize Your SEO Ranking With Google

If you really want to be successful online, you have to learn how to create good keyword content that will maximize your SEO ranking with Google. So, before you can sell products that are in big demand with your successful home based business, there are a few things that you must know about keyword research, placement, highlighting, and keyword percentage within your content. This is a standard that all successful home based business entrepreneurs follow, and will laser target your niche with keyword rich content. This will get you ranked on the first page of Google and the other big search engines if used properly, and consistently over a period of just a few months. My keyword research always begins by using: Google AdWords Keyword Tool, which I highly recommend.
To generate the kind of exposure you need to get ranked on the first page of Google, you will need a specific keyword that is laser targeted to your readers search for information. For this example, we will look at my article to demonstrate this process. You may have noticed I decided to write about Search Engine Optimization and how Keyword content is the most important component in this process. When Google sends out their spiders to look at your content, they will look for your keyword, how much it is used, where it is placed, and the ease at which it can be recognized. They also look at how many keyword phrases are being used, and whether or not it is relevant to your article content.
In our example, you will notice "Keyword" is highlighted, and Italicized. After doing a quick search for "Keyword" using Google AdWords Keyword Tool, I found that there are 3,350,000 Global Monthly Searches, 1,000,000 Local Monthly Searches, and countless other combinations for the keyword I have chosen for my article. Next, you want to look down the list and select a keyword that is under 20,000 Global Monthly searches if you want a chance at ranking on the first page of the Google generic page rankings. For this example, I have chosen "keyword searches", which is showing 12,100 Global and 6,600 Local Monthly searches.
Now, look at the left hand column where it says Match Types. You will notice that the default setting is checked for Broad. Delete the check mark in this box and check Exact. This now reveals that both numbers are under 1,000, and that when the same process is repeated for Phrase, which reveals both numbers are under 10,000, so far so good, we are right on target.
Your next step will be to type our keyword phrase, "keyword searches" in the search bar of Google's Main Page. This reveals 217,000,000 results. Now type this in exactly: intitle:"keyword searches", which reveals 14,000 results. Now type this exactly: inurl:/"keyword searches", which gives us 9,560 results; a resounding success! All of our test results show that we are fewer than 20,000 results, which means we have a great chance of hitting the first page our first time out, and possibly getting that #1 spot!
Within a few minutes, I easily determined that the keyword of my choice would give me a great amount of exposure, and knowing that if I used it properly within the context of my article, Google will look most favorable on it when their spiders report back. The payoff for doing my due diligence will be a high page ranking that will be potentially viewed by millions each month. This is like finding free gold, so do it once, and do it right!
It is this very format that Google ranks highest for, because it can be easily recognized. Now, while we are on the topic of recognition, I want to warn you to only use one keyword phrase, and that it fall between 3-5% of your overall body context. Don't be tempted into using several keywords because Google does not like it and will rank you very low if you choose to try it! Make sure your keyword is used in the first and last paragraphs, once in the body, and in your Title; that's it, that's all you need!
There are many people that would urge you to use your keyword in every paragraph, or several times like I have done here, and that's okay too. But, the technique I have described for you works, because I have ranked many times on the first page, and in the first slot within 24 hours of posting my content to my blog. All the search engines these days are moving away from the old SEO techniques toward a more natural flow in article content, and composition. So choose wisely, and follow this simple advice consistently each time you write, and watch your page rankings grow." Writer :Douglas W Guy

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