Thursday, December 13, 2012

What can of compensation can be recovered in case of a personal injury

If you have been a victim of accident and got injured, you have the right to get compensated. There are two main kinds of personal injury damages:
1.      Compensatory or actual damages
2.      Punitive damages
Punitive damages are discretionary and are usually awarded to victim along with actual damages particularly when defendant’s conduct is found malicious or egregious. Punitive damages are intended to punish the defendant for his or her reprehensible conduct.
Compensatory or actual damages are intended to cover all expenses for ailments caused by personal injury. Your family members are also entitled to recover if your injuries are in certain circumstances. Damage awards can include:

1.      Medical expenses: includes all bills and expenses for services of doctors, hospitals, ambulance fee, medication and services of nurses or health care institutions.
2.      Pain and suffering: This is to compensate your past or future pain.
3.      Lost Wages: This includes the amount of money that you would have earned in the time from injury to final judgment.
4.      Impairment of earning capacity: compensation can be awarded for the fact if your injuries have reduced your earning capacity.
  1. Future medical expenses: This implies to continual medical care that is needed till you recover.
  2. Mental anguish: This implies to certain sort of mental sufferings or emotional distress.
  3. Loss of consortium: this implies to deprivations of married life after accident like companionship, affection, comfort or sexual relations between the spouses.
  4. Loss of society or companionship: this kind of compensation is awarded in case of wrongful death to the immediate family members of the decreased for the loss, comfort and companionship.
  5. Property damages: this is an award for damages related to property like a wrecked vehicles.
Personal Injury Lawsuit

Being the non guilty you have every right to file for injury lawsuit and claim the desirable compensation.  An experienced injurylawyer in Dallas will be of much help. 

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