Thursday, December 13, 2012

How To Make Money Online Using CPA Method Part 2

How To Make Money Online Using CPA Method Part 2

This method is very simple and it is not too hard to do. It will show you how you can earn money online just by fooling people into believing something that is not true. This is how you make money doing something very easy. CPA Networks pay a lot and are not hard to start making money with. Anyway here is how you do it.

You comment on a popular YouTube video such as Gangnam style and you comment something like Justin bieber pawns gangnam style. So now you need to have multiple accounts to like your comment to the top or pay someone to do that for you. After that is done what you do next is create a different comment and start a conversation with yourself to a video of Justin Bieber pranking gangnam style and a link to your site supporting that the video is real.

Than you take a picture of a celebrity gossip site and you monetize it so that it looks like your template. You edit it in paint and have a video at the top saying justin bieber pranks gangnam style. You lock the video with a content locker and before anyone can watch a fake video they have to fill out a CPA offer. Very easy method. GO TRY IT!

How To Make Money Online Using CPA Method

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