Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Best SEO Landingpage Generator

Landing pages are a popular and excellent tool for search engine optimization. Previously, it was always necessary to edit source code and create Landing Pages to save via FTP upload to the server. So may be the end!

Save your design, input your data and use the SEO landingpage generator to create landing pages in minutes.

Date: Saturday, July 28.
From: Daniel Boger
Why not join them for the SEO Landingpage Generator, which relieves you of some of the work or simplifies many times. Its design, as well as meta data that are consistent for all of your landing pages are stored in the generator and in the creation of a landing page is automatically recalled.

You need only to complete your meta information, unique content to enter text, if necessary, make a few visual adjustments, depending on how the content area of the landing page should be structured and to generate a button click. Finish

SEO Landingpage Generator then stores your landing page, which ideally linked to your corporate design, from directly on your server without the need for an FTP upload. Its really easy to create Landingpages without much HTML programming skills.
SEO landingpage generator includes the following features
Easy installation on your own server
Language files for english and german
Uploadfunction for pictures and graphics
Textspinner Tool
XML Sitemap creation tool for your landing pages

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