Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Make Money fro writing

About our site and what we do? We are online marketers from 2005 and we gain experience and knowledge in online marketing and each and every type of affiliate programs. We once fail but capture the secrets and most reliable methods in online marketing and so. We know the ways and we are here to teach you and share our knowledge with you.

How the complete system works? You will get $2500 worth web site like www.washeen.info for free from us after you choose the membership level, we do the maintenance as well as all the technical issues you face from the site. (All these worth $500 per month but if you register with our company you will gain all these things for free) We make sure you earn monthly income for following our methods or else we will return your full membership fee. You will earn from advertisements from different companies as well as web sites,we will manage the advertising system you no need to fear about those.

What you should do to earn money? choose a membership level at MEMBERSHIP then follow the steps one by one and talk with our teachers and senior money makers and technical officers from skype to learn and if you face any problems.

If you choose both the membership levels then this will be your work;

In Membership level number 1, you will be given data to enter daily in to 2 forms daily plus you will need to write 6 articles in your 1st 3 days and then it is ok to write 2 articles per week and publish those in your web site what we make and maintain for you under your ownership.

In Membership level number 2, you will need to keep studying for 30 days using our eBooks and Videos then write 5 articles per day to your own web site what we maintain for you under your ownership, plus 1 article should be submitted to ezines and 9 other article directories per day. In the long term cash membership you no need to concider about the days you spend but if you can keep a target or a milestone per day then it will be easy and auto-pilot profit for you in the future.

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Memberships are limited per 10/month in Membership level 1. And 100/moth in Membership Level 2

There are 2 ways to earn money from our site. 

One type is, letting us to work for you and you will make more than $300 per month and up to $5000 per month.

Second method is joining survey sites and earning any where from $5 to $75 per survey as you wish.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

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