Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Review about SurveysPaid (Belongs to Future Dream Ways Marketplace Category)

Marketplace (all the buying stuff)

SurveyPaid ranked around 2000 in the world which really a great position in today's online world .

Is it a Scam ? does actually work. Companies like McDonald’s,Starbucks, Nike, and Ford .etc are   really want to know how to improve a product, so they are willing to give million in order to do so. They have no problem paying you $25 for you to fill out a quick survey and get your opinion. Sometimes you will be given the option to test a product, which sounds really fun and it is. You automatically get $25 or more for testing products.

SurveysPaid so popular is because you can use it no matter where you are. With other paid surveys you may only be able to do them within the United States or Canada. With location doesn’t matter, you can find surveys all throughout the world.

Perfect for anybody who are looking for a real work at home job

How much will I be getting paid with SurveysPaid?

It depends on your work, if you can do 2 or 3 surveys per hour and if you can work 3 or 4 hours per day then you can earn $120 to $300 per day, well that's a good income.

Sometimes you may find that you have run out of high paying surveys because a lot of people go after those first. You might have to wait a bit and do some cheap surveys for a while.

How much does SurveysPaid cost to become a member?

For one full membership it will cost $34 dollars,you can make it back within an hour easily.
Please keep this in mind : You can always request  the money back you spent for membership on Surveypaid with no time.
So there are no worries, just trust my word and  Have a Visit to

 If you are looking for some extra cash this is definitely for you.

Please Post all your Experience and Earning and payment Details about Survey paid site. You can even scold if it does not work for you, please provide your feedback to others who seek work from home opportunities and for Future Dream Ways to provide y'all with more Legit and real info.

I put Facebook comment widget below so that people can see who comments and are they really humans not robots.

We will keep adding all the updates from this web site and we will publish our earnings from this web site.


When ever you join this please Read there 1st Step. Getting Started Guide
Step 6. Learn other ways to make money online

Due to lots of info about this site we will make another new postings about "A-Z Earning Guide from Surveypaid" Please hang around.
I can some help regarding this, if you put your Country name as a comment i can find how many survey sites willing to pay you in your area.


  1. Is it working for Russian ?
    Sorry i dont have a facebook account

  2. I think they are open world wide.
    Even though you can check it by visiting there site, click the above small banner and you can go for there. And if they show your countries flag in the place of american flag just like in upper pic, then that means yes it is working. @Jonson


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