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10 Most Profitable Bloggers WOW!


1.Blog: Techcrunch
Content: Internet/Tech news
Monthly Earnings: $200,000
Main Income: Advertising Banners

2.Blog: Mashable
Content: Internet news, social media
Monthly Earnings: $180,000
Main Income: Advertising Banners

3.Blog: Timothy Sykes
Content: Stocks
Monthly Earnings: $150,000
Main Income: Affiliate Sales

4.Blog: Perez Hilton
Content: Celebrity news
Monthly Earnings: $140,000
Main Income: Advertising Banners

5.Blog: Gothamist
Content: City-centric blogs that focus on news, events, food, culture
Owner: Jake Dobkin
Monthly Earnings: $80,000
Main Income: CPC Advertising Banners

6.Blog: Venture Beat
Content: Tech news, money news
Owner: Matt Marshall
Monthly Earnings: $62,000
Main Income: CPC Advertising Banners


In this "World" I mean the Online world there are Billions of users surfing the web daily to find answers to there in building questions. TODAY ADVERTISING MARKET make the most number of profit from selling selling ADS to advertisers who are aiming these Billions of online users.

There are lots of advertising methods;

Video Advertising
Where advertiser reach the customers from 2 or 3 min Video Ad, some of these ads are uploaded to  uTube .com. If a publisher can join these type of program to earn from advertising in your web site then you can earn $2 to $10 if someone watch a full video advertisement.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Where advertisers pay per click generate by a human
This is the largest advertising program run by the adverting market as well as publishers and online earners like we. I like to explain more about this so keep reading to know how to Get Pay Per Click Advantages And Guides

Pay Per Impression
Where advertisers pay for a curtain number of page views or impressions ( impressions are calculated every time you visit a web and leave for a another web site from here) This is also known has Pay Per Milestone. Most of the time when a publisher join this time of program to earn a income from your web site you won't get a good income from this because this time of program average payments are around $1 for 1000 page views but most of the time it can be $3 for 1000 but it depends on the Geography features.
How ever if your web site can provide;
                                   10,000 impressions then you can earn $10-$20
                                  100,000 impressions then $100
                                1000,000 impressions then $1000
FaceBook Has a average daily impressions of 1000,000,000,000 DAILY

Then Comes the affiliate programs run by the advertisers

If you can join a program like this then what you have to do is selling there stuffs or services for a commission on our web site. You can earn a huge commission from these type of programs. I recommend clickbank.com there you can have variety of products and services and the commission is also higher like 75%. Think your web site daily visitors are counted has 100 then if one of them buy something you promote through clickbank.com you earn $20 to some times $350 per sale. If you can sell $20 commission product  daily then you Earn $600 per month.

Ok now i will explain you about Pay Per Click In Details

You see this banner or ad display under here

Now , consider you click one of the link ad above, then i get around $0.10 to $5 but it also depends on your country, if the clicker who click my ad is a citizen of america then i get $5.
Now, Consider you click a banner displaying above then i get some where around $1 to $10, it also depends on country.
I am talking about the Advertiser Company "Bidvertiser's", I am using Bidvertiser because it is easy to handle and get paid but Note that i wanted a Google Adsense Account who are the advertisers number 1 in this field who pay high amount per click. But to make a Adsense account is a very hard thing and barely a account get submitted by them so it is not easy.

Google Adsense
They pay minimum $1 per click and maximum $20 per click , it also depends on country.

Ok, I will tell you about Bidvertiser which i have the vast amount of experience using them.
There minimum payment is $10 which mean you can get paid after you reach $10 in your bidvertiser account, but in adsense you must have atleast $100 to Request payments. Now then lets calculate the income anyone can get from $0 income.

You make a Blog its free ( I made a article on Step By step Blogging Guide) Read it.

Lets say You have post 100 articles ( posting more than 100 articles will lead to more visitors to come to your blog). I had still post 32 useful articles and my site daily visitors counted has 20 people per day. If you post 100 usefull articles you can get over 100 visitors per day. I have no time to post that mush articles because i am a maths student who study hard.

Now back to the topic.

Assume that Your site get 100 visitors per day
From 100, 5 people click atleast a 1 ad by each, You get an income around $0.50 to $25 per day. Per Month $15 to $750

Assume your site daily visitors increase to 1000 and from 1000; 50 people click atleast 1 ad, you get a income around $5 to $250 per day. Per Month $150 to $7500

Assume your site daily visitors increase to 10000 per day and from 10000; 500 people click atleast 1 ad, you get a income around $50 to $2500 per day.Per Month $1500 to $75000

Your only target should be valuable visitors, offer them good and legit and pure and useful infomations.

Make a Target first .

Your 1st target should be 100 blog post or should i say articles.
Then 2nd target should be 1000 blog postings.
3rd should be 10000 blog post.

Can you reach these targets withing 1 or 3 months then after 3 months you sleep well and log on and count the profit and again sleep well or have a happy life with your family.
I have post really important articles about Blogging and work at home methods, all are legit. And hey i have a gift for your online journey
Use these $20 clicks well, use them after you post the first 50 articles.

Do me a favor, leave a comment as feedback to my hard work.

7.Blog: Slash Gear
Content: Tech reviews/news
Owner: Ewdison Then
Monthly Earnings: $60,000
Main Income: CPC Advertising Banners

8.Blog: Life Hacker
Content: Life hacks
Owner: Gawker Media’s Nick Denton
Monthly Earnings: $60,000
Main Income: Advertising Banners

9.Blog: Smashing Magazine
Content: Design/Web development
Owner: Vitaly Friedman
Monthly Earnings: $58,500
Main Income: Advertising Banners

10.Blog: Tuts Plus
Content: Online tutorials
Owner: Collis Taeed
Monthly Earnings: $55,000
Main Income: Advertising Banners

So these are the 10 Most Profitable Bloggers
I also want to be in this list one day. I must say one thing that  most of the people open blogs and sites but they dont have any support at all. I say join hands with me. I always wanted a online office team so we can work together for a real legit earning .(updated on 01/06/2011).  I have 17 postings i like to make it 500 at the end of the year how ever http://www.justearn2day.blogspot.com alexa rank was risen from 80,000,000 to 5,000,000 that was a good one for 2 weeks.

my email is washeenj@gmail.com

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