Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth : Naruto SD Episode 7

Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth : Naruto SD Episode 7

Kabuto Yakushi is seen running in the passageways of the Land of Sound Base and finds Orochimaru, who tells him that he created a new jutsu, and that they would proceed to destroy Konohagakure. Back at the Leaf Village, Might Guy tells his fellow team members that their mission today would be check who entered the village. Rock Lee then has an idea to do this. Orichimaru is then seen walking with Kabuto towards the village and explains his new jutsu, which was an sphare that connected to another dimension and brought lots of snakes that would destroy the village. They reach the entrance and find out that Team Guy was inspecting who entered into the village through the check-in system of airports. After Kabuto breaks the fourth wall, Orochimaru takes a guide about a trip to Hawai, and tells Kabuto that they will disguise as tourists so they could infiltrate into the village.

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