Sunday, July 29, 2012

Naruto Shippuden Movie 6: Road to Ninja


Look at Hinata and Shikamaru.

Fans Comments:
On that poster it looks like Hinata is copying Naruto with the open shirt which seems out of character, her face expression looks different as well like she's from a parallel universe.

Hinata looks like she changed places with Ino. Showing more skin and that confident grin is a lot more Ino-like. Sex kitten Hinata indeed. Now look at Ino. Her hair and outfit are different. She is now covered up and has almost a timid expression on her face. She is much more like Hinata.

The other weird thing is Shikamaru sticking his tongue out. That is usually a trait of a wild character like Kiba or Deidara. Kiba also looks more reserved for him. Perhaps he is now like Shikamaru.

It seems like this is some sort of AU where Naruto's parents lived and all of Konoha is different. Or maybe a genjutsu by Tobi. Whatever the case, Kishimoto looks to have created the most eagerly anticipated Naruto movie.

Looks pretty epic.
It would be nice if the content was actually part of the storyline this time.
Hopefully the author can find a loophole in the story to include this.

The characters on Sakura's row seem to have switched personality's, for example Sakura is doing Shikamaru's thinking pose with her hands and Guy looks constipated or timid which is out of character.

Maybe Ino's mind transfer jutsu went out of control and switched everyone's personality's or this movie takes place in a alternate Universe?

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